Kind of banter is not, but that's the  essence. Recently the  Wall Street Journal magazine exposing the life of the beggars  are not homeless around California, it was surprising  and amazing photos and info provided. Is this called modern beggars, was never actually occurred to  me...

Charles Pits was sitting under jambatan San Francisco where he lived while navigating the Internet transform and find out the latest info and updates, while navigating Facebook, MySpace & Twitter ..

"According to him, tv, radio, khabar letter is not necessary, but talian wireless internet is the most important .. This is kerana, with the internet I can navigate all of them and find out the issue during the .. "

Charles Pitts lost their homes and become beggars after falling off bankrup in 2 years, under jambatan sehinggalah he chose to stay and continue to live .. he bought a Toshiba laptop jenama during a strike force due Sarekat was bought by Dell ..
In America, technology products can be found on the cheap due to the fierce competition .. in addition, people can get crowded especially beggars used laptops at very cheap and capable owned by them ..

Beggar 2:
Skip Schreiber was aged 64 years and is also a beggar, he lived alone in a bad van dah rosak and was rusty .. He also likes to navigate the Internet for entertainment and youtube is one of the main entertainment ..
Using a laptop and the internet since 4 years off with a Wi-Fi is useless around bandaraya California, but he stayed in the van which is equipped with a diesel generator to power the lights and mencas laptop .. he just needs to spend $ 4 for tempoh 5 days for diesel oil which is obtained from mengemisnya activities.
SAN FRANCISCO - Menyusupnya hackers to your Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is an embarrassment to social networking. Even security experts was to not believe.
"How can people 'sophisticated' Mark Zuckerberg, founder up with members of nearly 600 million people in the world, very careless enough to become a month-monthly hackers?" The question of Internet users in the world today know the account Zuckerberg successfully infiltrated by hackers.
According to research firm Sophos, hackers are not just targeting ordinary people or famous. Even activists IT can be the victim of hackers, including the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg.
"I suspect, at least two ways that make Zuckerberg conceded. As people in general, the possibility Zuckerberg careless use very easily guessed passwords, "said Graham Cluley, Sophos analyst, as quoted by the Telegraph, on Thursday (01/27/2011).
But for the first pattern, Cluley believes it is very unlikely. Most likely, continued Cluley, Zuckerberg is likely to be using traps Firesheep targethacker when using a wireless network unencrypted wifi in public places, such as cafes, hotels, airports or other locations.
Cluley, Firesheep can be infiltrated through a wifi network and allows hackers to get passwords in accounts that protected only by using the same network was encrypted.

"It's hard to know why and how the fan page Zuckerberg could be hacked. Maybe he's also using a laptop which already contain malware so that the username and password can be retrieved by hackers so that information can be used to attack his fan page. But I think the first two patterns are very likely to happen, "said Cluley.
Cluley continued that this event will really make up shy. With the infiltration of action is tantamount inform the owner up another account if social networking is very weak and insecure.
In his own fan page, Zuckerberg has approximately two million fans who always regularly updated.
Network security expert was also asked users up for a password that is difficult to guess, and not a word derived from the dictionary. In fact, they are also advised to download the browser plug-ins that will automatically ask for an encrypted wifi network so that the user secure when accessing password-protected sites, like Facebook.
SAN FRANCISCO - After the account owned by his CEO burglarized hackers, even tighten up privacy controls to ensure the security of member social networking worldwide.

This security tightening up the management began to realize after a fan page of the founders of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, 'dikerjai' by hackers. In the action the hacker left a message for Zuckerberg to be more thought up to tujuak good social rather than purely a business advantage.

Plans to increase the profile of this user content protection related launch also with the Data Privacy Day held recently.

"An important part of controlling the information is always protected from security threats such as viruses, malware and hackers," said Jake Brill up of management representatives, as quoted by Yahoo News, Thursday (01/27/2011)

New security features that will be launched, one of them, providing a one-time use passwords that can be used when the member must use shared-computers, such as in cafes, airports, hotels or other public places.

To get a one-time use passwords, users simply send a message from a mobile phone that read OTP and send to number 32,665. To get a one-time password to use it, the phone number the user must be registered first. Passwords can only be used once and will expire in the next 20 minutes. Unfortunately this new security service can be enjoyed by the user up in the U.S..

Facebook also allows users to check their Facebook accounts from anywhere and at any time to ensure that their account has been closed on another computer when you last used. Remarkably, Facebook allows users to sign-off remotely.

"In an uncomfortable situation, where someone can access your Facebook account without permission, you can turn off the illegal log before resetting passwords and take other ledge to secure your computer," says Brill.