1. The myth that companies have to replace their computer systems over a period of 2-3 years
It is good to always update on a company's computer system, for security reasons. But that does not update the computer system need only be a waste of corporate cash. Generally software that companies use only the basic software like Microsoft Office, web browsers, and email client. And with a netbook we could even finish 90% of the job.

2. The myth that Bill Gates is Microsoft's programmers
Many people think that Bill Gates is, Äúdewa, Äù programmer at Microsoft, but it turns out Paul Allen is the man behind the operating system made by Microsoft. Then Bill Gates? He was lost to Paul in the affairs programming, but he was the one who makes Microsoft's success to date with his business prowess.

3. Myth that Macs are computers suck
Antiquity, which produced a Mac computer is not compatible with other operating systems. But since Apple uses Intel processors, Macs can be used and run on the Windows operating system.

4. The myth that computers durable when left on without stopping
It was formerly in the days of mainframe computers, the computer must be left on because to maintain a stable temperature inside. But now if you turn on the computer too long, you are well aware it risks?

5. The myth that hackers could cause World War III
In the film, narrated hackers can penetrate / hacking into military computer systems or even nuclear. But in the real world, it is very difficult to penetrate the security system is layered on military computers. What exactly should get special attention is the factor of system failure and human error.

6. The myth that Linux is more secure than Windows
You would think if the Linux operating system more secure than Windows. The statement is true as well, but there are also wrong. Indeed, virus makers prefer to attack Windows because users bejubel, but Linux also has, Äúfans, Äù virus makers loh! Diluncurkanya evident from ESET antivirus for Linux.

7. The myth that artificial intelligence can be obtained with fast computers
It is highly unlikely. Humans can make a super fast computer with the accuracy of computation, but to make computers, Äúcerdas, Äù is equipped with a side of psychology, until now there is no computer expert who can.

8. The myth that the Internet was developed for the purpose of avoiding a nuclear attack
This myth developed with the idea if the network computer is damaged because of a nuclear attack, then the data path can be replaced with the Internet. But until recently this has not happened as well. Internet users increasingly widespread with a neutral.

9. The myth that the bigger the faster CPU speed computer performance
This myth continues to trusted users of the computer until now. Users assume that the greater the clockspeed (can be obtained by overclock) the faster computer performance. That's wrong, the computer speed is not only gained by overclocking, there are some other things that also affect the performance of computers, such as cache size, graphics, hard disk access speed, RAM capacity, etc..

10. The myth that the antivirus maker also makes the virus
I do not completely deny this that the antivirus maker also created a virus, because there is also a fake antivirus products which turned out to contain the virus. Myths like this does not appear if viewed from the view that the antivirus would not occupy himself with a virus because they had daily face the hundreds and perhaps thousands of computer viruses. However, if seen from the perception that they create a virus for antivirus behavior (because the only antivirus that can eradicate the virus they made their own), that myth can also be justified.
There are many ways to obtain a password. Some of them do not require special expertise. Here are the ways of the most common and most frequently used: ... ..

[1]. Social Engineering
[2]. Keylogger
[3]. Web Spoofing
[4]. Facing Email
[5]. Password Cracking
[6]. Session hijacking
[7]. Being a Proxy Server
[8]. Utilizing User Negligence FiturBrowser In Use
[9]. Googling
Iran claims to have made cyber attacks on 29 Internet sites that are affiliated with the United States espionage network. Internet sites are hacked by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard under the pretext of human rights activity.
According to Fars news agency, as quoted, March 19, 2010, one of the sites hacked over the weekend belonged to a group which themselves meyebut Human Rights Activists in Iran (HRAI).

Not yet certain whether these groups really have a relationship with U.S. intelligence agencies, or whether the press Iran led to the accusation because such a group critical stance against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Iran's official news agency, was the first to bring news hacking before Fars. Both news agencies also reported that 30 people had been arrested related to their alleged links with U.S. intelligence agencies.

But two news agencies did not reveal evidence of their alleged. However, IRNA claimed that these sites were supported by a budget of U.S. $ 400 million allocated to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency to make the Iranian riot.

Iran became the object of controversy surrounding the 2009 elections which Ahmadinejad won over the opposition, Mir-Hossein Mousavi. U.S. and European Union accuse Ahmadinejad inflate the vote so he could remain in power.

Following the outcry and criticism, Ahmadinejad ordered the Revolutionary Guard to quell the rioters, including peaceful protests. He was arrested many protesters on charges of violating the civil and religious law. Guards consists of military, navy, air forces, and intelligence units, and the Basij paramilitary forces, and various business units.
Still remember  Sony PS3 console hacker ? Yes, he was the George Hotz, aka 'Geohot'. Old feud between Hotz by Sony, eventually ended peacefully.

As reported by PC Magazine, Sony and Geohot agreed to end their case which had climbed to the court. Both of them even made a joint statement to the media. This approval letter signed by both parties March 31, 2011.
George Hotz aka Geohot, penjebol PS3 consoles and the iPhone

"Our initial motivation to do this litigation is to protect intellectual property and our customers. We believe peace will be a permanent decision for the sake of achieving this goal, "said Riley Russell, General Counsel Sony Computer Electronics America (SCEA), in a statement.

While Hotz claimed relieved his legal case is resolved. "I never intend to create problems for users or make piracy becomes increasingly easy," he said.

Before this, SCE register complaint to Hotz, along with Hector Martin Cantero, Sven Peter, and a few others, the suspected part of a group of hackers FailOverFlow.

Sony stifling against this group because they publish the root key of the PS 3, so that people can have root access on the PS3 console without the need for external media.

SCEA sued Hotz with chapters transgression, and computer fraud, the Digital Millennium Copyright, the law applicable to copyright infringement in California, breach of contract, and several other violations.

Until now, step Sony PS3 hacking into question the court itself is still experiencing protests and boycotts of the hacker group Anonymous.

Anonymous, a group of hackers who have done advocacy to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange Egyptian opposition and struggle through the Internet.
Previously, the Sony has demanded Geohot a hacker who managed to break into the firmware console game Play Station 3 and because of this ulahnya Sony demanding Geohot and put him in jail. No thanks to what Sony's done to his partner, then the group of hackers that mention him as "Anonymous" had demanded Sony with three requests and release his colleagues to get out of jail.

Geohot addition, other hackers who engage in acts of illegal break-ins and firmware deployment Play Station 3, named Alexander Egorenkov aka graf_chokolo participate arrested by police.

Team hackers "Anonymous" has been attacked several sites calling Sony and three demands, which reads:
# Sony should allow users to modify the PlayStation 3, as it existed prior to 3.2.1 firmwire
# Sony should end the legal efforts of the modifications that occur in their products.
# Sony is not allowed to continue the legal process to collect the IP address.