Pintu Air Jagir, Surabaya

Many people said, “hackerfact ? there is nothing about hacker here -_-“ Yeah, we apologize for that. In the HFFS history book >:) this blog founded when our junior high school told us to make a blog with hacker activities content. Then we built this blog with “hackerfact” name… Because of our low knowledge about hacker, so we decided not to write articles about hacker. Two years before hackerfact.blogspot.com founded, we created Futurixus Corp Company and it’s been too long not activated. So we decided to add Futurixus after Hackerfact. But we didn’t need hackerfact name anymore, so we changed into HF. Our blog founder, Arifin, told us to change the address of this blog. But, “hffuturixus.blogspot.com” ? oh come on, it’s difficult to remember. So this blog still has its old name, “hackerfact.blogspot.com”…
Enough for the history lesson >:) And now let’s talk about the tutorial ;) Here is a cool trick of the photoshop color correction (I think).